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8 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Mailing Lists

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Every experienced marketer will tell you “the money is in the list.”

Why? Because a business without a distribution list will always be dependent on customers who initiated contact with him to consume a product or service of the business. A business with a mailing lists is actively and encouraging its customers to consume its services. By using mailing list its easy to inform customers about new products, new promotions, give them knowledge – in short, to maintain a relationship with them.

Your mailing list should include name, phone and email address.

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The mailing to your mailing list can be done through e-mail or by SMS..

How to increase your mailing list ?

Here are tried, tested and effective methods :


Method 1 – Give a gift guide to your industry

Prepare a document of 2-4 pages about your occupation or industry. In the document give the best of your accumulated knowledge in the field where you’re dealing with and offer this document free of charge on your website. For example, if you’re in the fashion occupation, prepare a guide like: ” The Complete Guide to adjust the colors to wear” or “7 The hottest fashions this summer”, or “Complete Guide How to dress right to look like young people”.

Advertise your guide for free in your website, when a client needs to insert his email address and his phone to get the guide. The guide of course will help to create demand for your product.

Advertise the guide in the social networks also, where the access is given to those who give their email address and phone. The goal – to create a mechanism to collect contact information of anyone who is interested in your occupation field, to encourage a purchase from you / the need for your services and establish your name as an expert and knowledgeable in the field.


Method 2 – Establish cooperation

Partner with service providers who give solutions to your audience and deal with them for cooperation with you when you post to their mailing list and they post to your mailing list. The rationale behind the cooperation is that the target audience of your product, need services also from other providers who are not your competitors. For example, if you sell drills for tool stores, then there are also other vendors that provide additional goods which are not competitors to you for the same stores.

Important Tip: In Your emails to the mailing list of your partner, refer to your landing page which ask for the customer information (in order to insert him to your mailing list) instead of referring him directly to the purchase of your product. This way you will get the part of your partner’s mailing list and add it to your list.

This is a very easy way to increase your mailing list quickly.


Method 3 – Encourage people to transfer your mailing to their friends

In every mail that you send to your mailing list, encourage your subscribers to pass it on to their friends.

This can increase your mailing list in viral way easily.

In addition, a recommendation for a product arrived from a friend is always very strong and helps in selling the service.


Method 4 – Use – QR Code with benefit

If you do offline advertising, ie newspaper ads, flyers, business cards, posters, Rollups etc. It is recommended to add a QR Code that leads the customer to a mobile landing page in which you present a form that promises a coupon with a bonus if the customer will fill the details. The QR Code is a great way to connect the offline world to the online world easily.


Method 5 – Create registration form to your mailing list on your website

Combine easy form filling (ask few details) on your website with the option to subscribe to your mailing list.

Make sure that the form is also optimize for mobile browsing because today 20% of the surfing on the internet is a mobile browsing (and the numbers increase every day) and you don’t want to lose this customer traffic .


Method 6 – Put PopUp in the entrance of your website

Many visitors come to your website, surfers, rotating between the pages and at the end leave without performing an action and without you have any information about them.

You can automatically bounce Popup in your website (let’s say after 7 seconds in order first to let the user to understand the content of your website) offers them to register to your mailing list (let’s say with combination of Method 1).


Method 7 – Organize a webinar

A common way to cause people to subscribe to your mailing list is to organize a webinar in your expertise area and invite people to subscribe to it. Who that signed up should fill of course his information. Webinar is a great tool for interaction with your audience, to brand yourself as an expert in the field and trigger the need for your products.


Method 8 – Add signature to your email

In your business probably sent a few dozen emails every day (At most businesses the number significantly greater). Use this media to increase your mailing list. Add for your signature and for every employee in your business a banner with request to join to your mailing list leading to a web form that takes information.

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